Bhoovika Housing & Building

Our Vision

The National Sample Survey Organization (NSSO) Government of India Carried out a sample survey in 1999-2000 and its results showed that out of total work force of 397 million, only 28 million workers are employed in the organised sector and remaining in the unorganised sectoe. It reveals that over a decade, the employment in the organised sector has been almost stangnant or slightly declined. About 370 million workers constituting 92% of the total workforce in a country were employed in the unorganised sector as per NSS Survey 1999-200.

Thus, providing employement and other opportunity to large segment of the working force in the country and contribute to the national product significantly.

In the unorganised sector in India Labour relations, where they exist, are based mostly on casual employment rather than contractual arrangements with formal guarantees.

It is this stratum of our society that we are addressing, so that we can provide them social security, social insurance and social protection in general ny encouraging them to save small amounts of their earnings to buy a piece of land or a house to live in, without the documents required by the financial institutions or Banks for loan approvals.

Thus our vision is

Enabling the less fortunate of our country by helping them in owning low cost properties and/or Providing Job opportunities for them irrespective of their educational background.