Bhoovika Housing & Building


Bhoovika group of companies has a vision of diversifying the area of opertation widely. Diversification of business areas of operations server in achieving two goals in the line with the vision of the group.

A. Reach of the company increases once there are many fields of operation. This means needy people from a broader spectrum of the society can be brought in to the Bhoovika fold.

B. The company can be financially stable even during the variations in market trends of a particular Business vertical.

In this direction, some initiatives in the form of self help groups and Mineral water production and Marketing have already been started. The ongoing activities and the forth coming business are listed below:

Forth Coming Projects

  • right arrow Bhoovika Education Trust
  • right arrow Bhoovika Chits and Finance
  • right arrow Bhoovika Co-operative Society
  • right arrow Bhoovika Animal Husbandry
  • right arrow Bhoovika Publications
  • right arrow Bhoovika Creations
  • right arrow Bhoovika Charitable Trust
  • right arrow Bhoovika Food Products

On Going Activities

  • right arrow Fisheries
  • right arrow Real estate Development
  • right arrow Solid Blocks
  • right arrow Property Consultations
    • blue arrow Land
    • blue arrow Sites
    • blue arrow Residence Appartments
    • blue arrow Club Houses
    • blue arrow Row Houses
    • blue arrow Duplex Houses